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Diet For TMJ Tips:

When your face, jaw, ear or neck is in pain from TMJ troubles, it is good to know  that there is a diet for TMJ that will be helpful.

Food To Avoid With TMJ

Eliminate Caffeine, or seriously cut back on it. Those who drink caffeine tend to clench their jaw more.

Don't chew  large pieces of hard or brittle food.

Foods To Add In Your Diet

Eat plenty of vegetables, especially dark green vegetables. They contain Calcium and Magnesium, which help build healthy muscles, ligaments and tendons. Most of us don't eat enough vegetables and get our minimum  requirement of minerals in daily, so this is good advice for the whole family.

Even if you cannot chew  well, you can get in your vegetables. Cooking tends to soften vegetables, so try eating your vegetables steamed or cooked, rather than raw.

Buy a Vegetable Juicer, (you can find good ones there on sale at and make a glass of vegetable juice to drink each day. Apple, carrot, celery and some dark leafy green vegetables taste pretty good together.

If you are not used to eating many vegetables or  real vegetable juices, it may taste "strong". You may find that you need to dilute your vegetable juice up to half with water. Left over juice can be stored in the fridge, tightly capped and drunk with in 24 hours, and will still do some good. It is however best to consume it each time fresh.

Another idea is to purchase  Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw, Organic Green Super Food Powder. The body can produce healthier tissues if given the right nutrients, and a super food powder such as this can certainly help.

You may want to eat soft foods for a few days. If you TMJ is particularly bad, you could make vegetable soup with a variety of vegetables and a small amount of meat and get by for a few days to rest your jaw from vigorous chewing.

You will still need to address the TMJ problem, but there you have it, a diet for TMJ that helps build your health and healthy tissues.

TMJ pain can be very debilitating, so make sure to do some thing about it today. Learn about TMJ Exercises. Exercises have helped myself and hundreds others to have TMJ pain relief.

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