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Ear Jaw Pain- this may not be an infection but a sign of TMJ.



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Ear Ache And Jaw Pain

The lower jaw (also known as the mandible) is connected to your head (skull) with the help ofa jaw joint (also known as the Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ).

The TMJ is located right in front of the earlobes. This is the reason why in case of any mandible dysfunction that causes pain the lower jaw may also be felt in the ears.

When the lower jaw is clenched for long periods of time due to stress or in anger, then the tissues of the TMJ become pressurized which may cause stiffness of the jaw.

This causes inflammation of the TMJ. The inflammation may be pressing against the ear cause ear ache. The solution to this problem is to put slight pressure on the joint with the help of oneís forefinger or thumb and open and close the jaw slowly as long as one does not feel the pain. There are other exercises as well that help and can clear up TMJ pain.

Some doctors donít know that earache jaw pain can be caused by TMJ disorders. But a few know the exact solution to the problem.

Therefore, if you are not feeling any relief from the treatment that your General Physician has prescribed for you, then it is time for you to see an ENT specialist or use tmj home remedies such as TMJ exercises.

Most patients who complain of earache are diagnosed with infections by their physicians. The pain is usually felt on the front part of the ear. If one places a finger or thumb on the triangular hallow below the earlobe close to the skull and opens and closes the jaw then he or she will feel the TMJ movement.

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