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Jaw pain chewing - More about jaw joint pain

If you are experiencing jaw pain chewing your food occasionally or even more often,  then you may be suffering from TMD or what is also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. The Temporomandibular Joint connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone of the skull. Therefore, any disorder pertaining to this joint will definitely result in reduced mobility of the mouth.

Why The Jaw Joint Pain

We open and close our mouth up and down or sideways all the time while talking, chewing, grinding our teeth or yawning. Some people have a bad habit of popping their jaw purposely.

However, sometimes the popped jaw refuses to come back in position. Hence, we are left with a dislocated jaw which not only restricts the movements of our mouth but also causes jaw pain when chewing which can be transmitted easily to the head as well as the ears. Chewing gum can be a good way of preventing the jaw to pop spontaneously. One can also chew ice cubes to keep the movement of the jaws in check.

However, if pain persists then it is advisable to visit a General Physician or a TMJ specialist to find out more about what is causing it.

The reason why one’s jaw pops due to stretching is simple. Every joint works on the basis of movements controlled by the ball and socket. When one stretches his or her jaw, the disc approaches to the front causing the socket to stretch and the ball to pop out of place. While this stretching is happening the blood vessels of the tissues in the joint may also tear, causing swelling and pain. 

TMJ Pain Relief

Because of injury, I developed jaw joint pain and TMJ/TMD from this joint problem. I was told I would need surgery, but I found I could use natural methods such as TMJ exercises to take care of the jaw problem.

Next, learn to do TMJ exercises that you can do at home. These helped my TMJ immensly.

Discover How To Stop TMJ Pain Naturally. Hundreds Of People Just Like You Have Done It. TMJ Exercises And Diet

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